"I brought life to colours….
the colours brought life to me…..
I created the colours….
the colours created me..”.

Priya’s talent for art was discovered at a young age of 5 when she won the Camlin contest for “The Best Artist” in Mangalore city. She learnt fine arts under the able guidance of Lalit Kala Academy award winner B. G. Mohammed. She has mastered various styles including contemporary and traditional forms. She is also well versed in porcelain art.

Her strong influencers have been her parents and most eloquent critics whose intense and immense feedback, encouragement moulded her development into a complete and versatile artist. Her passion for art is a driving force behind her creative expression of life in its full form covering all emotions of man. Her creations covering all forms of human emotion especially joy, thrill, love, victory, unity and positive emotions are a true reflection of her own self.

Priya’s works in Oil and Acrylic which depicts the power of Lord Shiva in innumerous forms has won her lot of acclaim. She has beautifully depicted Shiva and Shakti, the transformation of Sati to Parvati and Shiva in his Ardhanarishwara form amongst other things. Her paintings transcend the spiritual and emotional space creating a sense of energy and ecstasy for a viewer.

Her works in Charcoal and Pastels in the Dreams series has also been appreciated by both art lovers and critics.

Priya is most grateful to her teacher B.G.Mohammed who taught her all the techniques that make her a good artist. His selfless and unconditional transfer of knowledge of art in its entirety including the nitty- gritties has contributed immensely to making her the artist she is today.

In Priya’s own words, “Life is a Gift of God and there is no better way of acknowledging this gift than by spreading joy and happiness. Art is one of the best form of expressing one’s joy and happiness of this Gift of Life”.

She works and stays in Mumbai and runs an art school “ Studio Techne, An Art Arena

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